Fluoride Treatment for Kids

F from fluorine symbol from the periodict table of elementsA good oral hygiene routine is essential for helping your child to prevent cavities and maintain a healthy mouth. Your child, like you, should brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. However, children often have a harder time brushing and flossing properly. They also may try to avoid brushing and flossing or rush th perrough the motions. This leaves them more vulnerable to the development of tooth decay and cavities. At Harmony Dental, we can help with fluoride treatments.

What Exactly is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an element that occurs naturally in your teeth, much like calcium, phosphate, and other minerals. Fluoride is an essential element that helps to protect the teeth against the acids from plaque, bacteria, and certain types of foods and beverages. Throughout the course of the day, demineralization occurs. This is when fluoride and other minerals are leached out of your teeth, leaving them vulnerable. Throughout the day, remineralization also occurs. This is the restoration of fluoride and minerals to your teeth, helping to keep them strong and healthy. Fluoride can be replenished in a variety of ways, including drinking treated tap water, consuming certain types of foods, fluoride drops, and professional fluoride treatments.

How Does Fluoride Protect My Child?

Fluoride helps to protect the teeth against acid attacks, preventing tooth decay and cavities. It combines with the other minerals found within your teeth, including calcium and phosphate. Together, they create a very powerful defense system against acid erosion.

Strengthening the tooth enamel is only one of the benefits of fluoride. Another benefit, specifically for children, is that fluoride aids in the development of the adult teeth. The fluoride that your child consumes, such as the fluoride in treated tap water, is absorbed into their bloodstream. It travels through the body to the adult teeth developing below the gum line. It keeps them strong and healthy and allows them to remain so as they erupt through the gums.

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments are professionally applied, and typically done following routine dental cleanings. The process for getting fluoride treatments is quick and completely painless. After the teeth are cleaned, a special fluoride gel is painted onto the surfaces of the teeth. The fluoride absorbs directly into the tooth enamel where it goes to work immediately helping to strengthen the teeth. Following the application of the fluoride gel, no other steps are needed. The gel does not need to be rinsed or wiped off. It is recommended, though, that your child not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes following their treatment. This ensures maximum absorption for optimal protection.

While fluoride treatments are an effective preventative measure for your child, these treatments are no substitute for good oral hygiene practices. It is still important that you encourage, and work with, your child to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. Regular dental cleanings and exams are also important. Combined with good oral hygiene practices, fluoride treatments help to protect your child and keep their teeth safe from decay and cavities.

Fluoride treatments help your child to more effectively prevent the development of tooth decay and cavities.

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