Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays by dentist in Eugene, OR.Dental exams serve a few functions. Routine dental exams enable us to check your mouth for early warning signs of different issues. Early detection allows us to provide prompt treatment, which helps to restore your oral health before serious issues occur. Other types of dental exams are performed to diagnose the cause of specific symptoms you are experiencing. During any type of dental exam, we inspect the visible structures in your mouth. There are, however, many hidden parts of your mouth that we cannot see. At Harmony Dental, we can examine these hidden areas of your mouth with digital radiography.

The Importance of Having X-rays Done

X-rays are a crucial component of dental exams and helping you to maintain optimal oral health. While there are many parts of your mouth that we can see with the naked eye, there are many areas of your mouth that cannot be seen. X-rays allow us to see these areas, including between your teeth and under your gums. With x-rays, we can spot
•  Cavities between your teeth.
•  Root damage.
•  Bone loss and bone damage.
•  Impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth and canines.
•  Cysts and abscesses in your jaw.
•  Developing teeth. We can also monitor the growth and development of the jaws.

Digital Radiography

X-rays have been in use for decades. Traditionally, they have been done using radiation. While effective, the use of radiation does have a few drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that many patients express concerns over radiation exposure. This concern can make many patients avoid essential x-rays, which can mean that oral health issues go undiagnosed. Images taken with traditional x-ray technology also need to be developed. This is done in a separate darkroom and can take some time to complete, which can waste valuable appointment time.

Digital x-rays use electronic technology instead of radiation. An electronic sensor, which is attached to a computer, is placed into your mouth. A click of a button allows us to capture necessary images. The images show up almost instantly on a computer monitor. There is no need to develop pictures. We do not need to leave the room at all.

What Benefits Does Digital Radiography Offer?

Digital x-rays provide many benefits. These include:
•  Fast, simple, painless imaging.
•  Images are displayed almost instantly on a computer monitor. The images do not need to be developed, which saves a significant amount of time.
•  More accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Specialized software allows us to zoom in on certain areas of the image and enhance it for greater clarity. We can then spot the smallest details of your mouth, including those we might miss with traditional x-ray images.
•  Your entire appointment is spent with you. Because we do not need to develop the images, we can take the time to go over any issues we find, helping you to understand your diagnosis. We can go over your treatment options and answer any questions you might have.
•  Your exposure to radiation is reduced up to 95%.

Digital radiography provides us with a closer view of the hidden parts of your mouth. This allows us to make a more a more accurate diagnosis and provide you with a treatment plan to optimize your oral health.

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