Composite Dental Bonding

Your smile is the first thing that most people notice about you. It has the power to say a lot about you. When you smile, one of the most prominent features that stands out is your teeth. Any imperfections in your teeth, even the most minor ones, can significantly impact the appearance of your teeth, and the quality of your smile. At Harmony Dental, we provide dental bonding for dealing with minor cosmetic flaws.

What is Bonding?

Bonding is a simple cosmetic procedure designed to correct the appearance of teeth affected by minor flaws. In doing so, the quality of your smile is greatly improved. Bonding involves the use of composite resin, a tooth-colored material that is incredibly versatile. Before being cured, or hardened, composite resin can be molded to fit a variety of different needs, whether it is filling in a chip, filling a gap, or completely transforming the shape of a tooth. Because the material is tooth colored, it blends in perfectly with your natural tooth color, providing you with seamless, beautiful results.

Uses for Bonding

Bonding is extremely versatile and can be used to treat some different minor cosmetic flaws, including:
•  Chips and cracks in your tooth enamel.
•  Small gaps between teeth.
•  Teeth that are small or oddly shaped.
•  Discoloration that has not responded to whitening.

How is Bonding Done?

Bonding is a quick treatment that can generally be completed in 30 minutes. It is also non-invasive and completely painless. We begin by cleaning your teeth. After the teeth have been cleaned, an acid etch is applied to the treatment areas. The acid creates a rough texture on your tooth enamel, which aids in ensuring a strong bond between the composite resin and your teeth. The acid is washed off, and your teeth are dried. We apply the composite resin and shape it to achieve the desired appearance. Once you are satisfied with the look of your teeth, a specialized light is used to cure the material. Finally, we polish the composite resin smooth.

Dental Bonding at Harmony Dental

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Bonding

Bonding is very effective, but it does require some special care. Bonding can chip or break, so it is important to avoid biting and chewing on anything very hard, such as ice. You should also avoid using your teeth as tools. Composite resin is porous and can stain, just like your natural teeth. Unlike your natural teeth, however, the material cannot be whitened. If you wish to whiten your teeth, your bonding will need to be changed. To avoid stains, limit foods and beverages that stain, avoid habits like smoking and drink plenty of water.

Other than these special considerations, it is important that you continue to brush and floss your teeth as normal. Bonding can be taken care of just like the natural surfaces of your teeth. You should also have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined twice a year. During these visits, we can make sure there are no issues with your bonding so that it continues to remain effective.

Benefits of Bonding

Bonding provides numerous benefits.
•  The tooth-colored material provides a seamless restoration to the appearance of your teeth, greatly enhancing the quality of your smile and boosting your confidence.
•  The procedure is quick, and can usually be finished in half an hour.
•  Treatment is non-invasive and completely painless. There is no need for a local anesthetic, and we do not need to alter your natural tooth structure in any way.
•  Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic treatments available.

Bonding can help to eliminate minor flaws in your teeth, enhancing the beauty of your smile and giving you a boost of confidence to show it off.

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At Harmony Dental, we provide composite dental bonding for dealing with minor cosmetic flaws. Click here, to learn more about it today!
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