Aesthetic Gum Lift

Illustration of aesthetic gum lift from Harmony Dental When most people think about a beautiful smile, the thing they tend to focus on is the appearance of the teeth. While the teeth are an important component in the quality of your smile, they are not the only one. Even if your teeth are perfect, excess gum tissue can cause them to appear small, which can greatly affect the quality of your smile. Harmony Dental can eliminate excess gum tissue, transforming the appearance of your smile, with an aesthetic gum lift.

What is an Aesthetic Gum Lift?

An aesthetic gum lift is a treatment also known as a crown lengthening. This treatment is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to eliminate excess gum tissue. When you have excess gum tissue, otherwise perfect teeth can appear small. The quality of your smile is diminished, and you may feel self-conscious. With this procedure, however, we can remove the excess gum tissue, providing you with a more natural gumline, which helps to greatly enhance the beauty of your smile and boost your confidence.

What to Expect During an Aesthetic Gum Lift

Today, aesthetic gum lifts are performed using a laser. A laser uses a thin, concentrated beam of light that can be used to remove soft tissue, bone, and tooth structure. It can also be used to disinfect periodontal pockets or stimulate the growth of new tissue. The wavelength of the laser light is adjustable, which enables it to effectively perform these, and other, tasks. An aesthetic gum lift used to be performed using a scalpel. While the scalpel is effective, it causes bleeding and tissue trauma that leads to pain and swelling. The laser cauterizes tissue as it cuts, reducing bleeding. It is also incredibly accurate, allowing us to target only the necessary tissue and greatly reduces tissue trauma.

While less invasive, an aesthetic gum lift is performed under a local anesthetic. Small incisions are made in the gums, which enable us to separate the tissue from your teeth. Next, the laser is used to remove the necessary gum tissue. It can also be adjusted to remove any necessary bone that could affect the results of the treatment. When complete, your gums are sutured back against your teeth.

Benefits of an Aesthetic Gum Lift

Aesthetic gum lifts offer many different benefits. These include:
•  Minimally invasive. The laser reduces tissue trauma, which limits post-procedural pain and swelling. Because the laser cauterizes tissue as it cuts, your bleeding is also reduced.
•  Results are noticeable immediately.
•  A more natural gumline.
•  Improving the quality of your smile.
•  Boosted confidence.

Functional Purposes for a Gum Lift

While a gum lift is generally used for cosmetic reasons, it also has a few functional applications as well. These include:
•  Crown placement. Crowns are cap-like restorations that encase the entire surface of a damaged tooth. If you have excess gum tissue, however, it becomes difficult to place a crown properly. Removing this excess gum tissue allows for effective treatment.
•  Treating cavities at the gumline. Cavities at the gumline can be difficult. Decay may extend below the gum line. It may not be completely cleaned out, or a filling may not be properly placed. Removing excess gum tissue allows us to completely remove decay and fill the cavity.
•  Improving periodontal health. Excess gum tissue can trap bacteria and can be difficult to clean. This can increase your risk of gum disease. By removing excess tissue, your gums are easier to maintain, which helps you to more easily prevent oral health issues.

An aesthetic gum lift can help to improve the quality of your smile and improve your oral health.

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